Quality Control Testing and Problem Solving

Onsite Testing labs

With our on site testing labs you dont have to go to a secondparty for any of your sample testing. With our state of the art testing and sampling equimpnet we have a capabilty to test our helmets beyond most saftey standards. With continual batch testing and materials testing you can be sure that your products hit the market at a standard you can be proud of.

Pride in our products is what makes us take our standards to levels further then what is expected by industy standards. "Protecting Life" is not just our slogan it is the model we live by. We not only use our testing labs to make sure your product is up to the chalange of saving your customers life in a collision. We also you them to test our own conceptual products that have revolutionised the helmet industry. With our international team of airospace engineers, product designers,physicist and avid riders we push the boundries of what we think a helmet is capable of.




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