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Bike Helmets

No one in the market can compete with our line of bike helmets. With a near limitless selection and the ability to design your own helmet with the help of our team, the only limit is imagination.

Down Hill Helmets

In downhill, the speeds are higher and the impacts harder than any other discipline of mountain biking so you’re going to want the most you can get out of our helmet. STG makes sure you get that without compromising style and design.

Skate Helmets

From wild over the top graphics to matt finishes in single colors our skate line has it all. Also featured here is our Biodome™ products, 100% recycled and renewable materials for the environmentally conscious.

Snow Helmets

When protection needs to meet fasion our snow helmets hit the mark. From glue on to in-mold you can stand our on the mountain side at any price point.

Off Road Helmets

When your riding out on the borderlands you want to have a helmet that can protect you from any collision. With STGs patented safety products you can feel protected on any terrain.

Street Helmets

Lightweight, active venting, repacable visors, sweat resistant padding, DOT standardizing, you can find these features and so much more in our street hemlmet line.


From English to Western, riders can find the right fit and style in our equestrian collection. With our R&D department continually delveloping new saftey features you can ffel secure on your ride no matter what riding level you are.




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