Our Porcess and Prodcution

Concept and Illustration

Along with our extensive selection of open mold to choose from you can also opt to design a helmet from the ground up. Whether you decide to design you products initial concept in-house or with our team in house. We at Strategic like to start every project with a strong ground work. Using hand illustrated or computer rendered imagery we can work with you on the details of your helmet to give you the look and style that will set you apart from the rest.

Clay and Shaping

After concept has been completed our next step at Strategic is our preferred method of sculpting the clay by hand. Although we have designed helmets with 3D printers, hand sculpting helps to obtain some of the fine details and curves that will set your helmet apart from the rest.

3D Scan/Rendering

Once a clay is created and approved by you it is scanned and our engineers go to work on the surfaces. As helmets have multiple angles and surface curvatures helmet 3Ds can prove exceptionally difficult. In addition all of this must be done while considering tooling strength and impact testing restrictions. But with our experienced staff you can be sure your project is in practiced hands.


Placing the testing lines on a helmet can be a meticulous process and it is done with the aid of lasers in order to ensure accuracy. Great care is taken at all levels of helmet testing from incoming materials testing, where we do high and low temperature conditioning and to UV conditioning abrasion testing, salt spray. To development and batch testing for finish project giving you the peace of mind that you have high quality product.


Once the 3D files are approved we move on to tooling. In this Strategic is unique in that we produce all eps tooling files and molds in-house, including CNC tooling and milling. As well we make all our plastic products in-house with injection molding presses that work from 80 to 1000 tons. Then all presses are checked regularly to insure that they are set up to the correct parameters. To ensure quality we diligently follow ISO requirements in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Graphics Selection

Once a helmet meets your approval it will be time to choose graphics to bring more life to your design. Whether choosing from our open graphics, designing your own or having one of our team create the mockup for you. Your options have very little boundaries, from our full colour in mold printing to water decal slides we tack great care in quality and clarity of our printing.

Paint and Materails Selection

Once you have chosen a graphic or simple wish to keep your helmet clean and simple you will next be able to select paint and materials for your helmet and its accessories. From the straps and buckles to the retention system and padding you will be offered every option possible for designing at every detail. With a near limitless options in colours, you can make as loud or understated a look you wish.

Sampling & Review

Nearing the last stages of your helmets development we will mock up a fully completed helmet including and packaging deign that you wish to include. Working out the finial details with you here at our factory or by shipping samples directly to you in order to make sure you a fully satisfied with your helmet before production.


At Strategic we have multiple production facilities where we manufacture all the specific styles and parts for your helmet. With our automated/robotic equipment paired with our employed staff we make sure that every helmet is exactly the same as the other to insure quality control. Not to mention it enables us to meet the face passed deadlines need in today’s markets.




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