Our Automation Process

Robot Shell Trimming

Esental to helmet production our full line for CNC cutting machiens make short work of custom shell cutting.

Drag Knife CNC Cutter

A spring-loaded bit holds a tiny carbide knife that swivels as the CNC machine drags it around the profile of your design. Inside the bit, pressure on the blade is precisely controlled, allowing the knife to cut with precission.

Laser CNC Fabirc Cutter

Producing an amazingly smooth, clean cut. CNC plasma systems cuts from a large material library. Program settings cut all parameters automatically, yielding extremely consistent quality.

EPS Shuttle Press

Allowing helmet EPS to mold directly into the shell. Shuttle Press technologies allow for high volume production with procission and specification.

Automated Injection

These enhance & modernize the custom injection molding process & increase throughput and cost savings to the customer. Automated Work Cells mean automating a variety of multi-tasking functions for any project

Vacuum Forming

In the plastic forming process, we heat the sheet of plastic to a malleable state. At that point, we engage one atmosphere of pressure to press the plastic against the mold

Water Based Printing

Printing at high rates of 150m/min and heat aided drying water based printing has reached new levels of production and precision in a large range of printing mediums

Automated Painting

Robot painting produces top quality results. Once properly programmed, an industrial painting robot can apply material without leaving behind drips, inconsistencies, overspray, etc. Paint and/or coating is applied precisely and consistently.




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