Innovative Construction

Comolding Bumper Foam

Distribution of energy alowes your helmet to reduce the amount of trauma your brain would recive from a direct impact.

Butterfly Cage

What you don't see might save your life. When your helmet’s EPS is integrated with Strategic Sports’ Butterfly Cage ™ you further your protection in a collision or impact. This is done by molding the helmet’s EPS around a light weight, slightly ridged plastic cage at the key impact points that are hit in most collisions. Doings so makes sure that the EPS in your helmet will not separate under high velocity impacts. Stabilizing the EPS foam in this way also allows the force of such and impact to spread across the surface of the helmet, protecting you from deadly G-forces and energy that can damage your brain.

InMold Carbon Fiber Shell

Comfort is not the only thing you will recivce with our low impact G-force padding intergrated into your helmet.




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