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Welcome to Strategic Sports Limited, where Protecting Life is more than a slogan. Founded in 1991, Strategic has its headquarters in Hong Kong with production in Dongguan and Zhongshan, China. Strategic began as an assembly operation to become one of the most vertically integrated manufacturer in the world. All key components are produced in house including molds and tooling. With sales and technical staff based around the globe, Strategic provides optimal engineering services to clients on all continents.

With over 200 engineers and support crew, Strategic handles challenging product development projects. Product and tooling projects are done entirely in house to keep customer designs fully confidential. Customers are encouraged to visit Dongguan to review development projects as we work to keep tight time lines.

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with all new gravity feed lines and automation we provide fast production to meet you production schedual.

A Superior Standard of Quality

Each of our product and material goes through strict physical testing in order to meet out quality standards. In addition every component must also go through chemical testing to insure all products are safe. As quality must be insured for all materials, our incoming materials inspection area is set up to test at high and low temperature conditioning, UV conditioning, abrasion testing salts spray and more. At our in-house testing labs Strategic takes a meticulous effort to make sure your product meets current continental standards before we even begin tooling.

Not only do we meet the standards that have been set for helmet today we push past them and change the way others look at helmet safety requirements. Strategic consistently developing new methods of protection technologies by working with leading experts in engineering and physics from around the world. From the shell to strap we pay attention to every detail in order to provide the product we all deserve.

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conehead the ultimate in helmet safty and impact protection.

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